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'Wobbly' Balance Board

A wobble board is one of five types of balance boards. I have a 360 degree movement range
with a semi-spherical fulcrum and a flat surface - I will feel like an extension of your body!


size 35.5 x 35.5 cm   materials used  wood and pen brushes

coverboard#-254454.jpg (3) copy 2.gif

I'm one of a kind!

Each one of us is handmade from high-quality birch wood and coated with a special sealant to protect us overtime! Each board is hand-painted by Graphic Designer and Artist Liya Jacobi. 
Liya, through her work with children, sought to create a toy that is not only easy to use and fun but also serves as a thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing accessory that also functions as part of a room's character and design.

I'll put you to work!

Wobble boards improve strength and stability, help maintain proper posture and spine alignment and increase coordination. Use me while watching a movie, working on your laptop or chatting on the phone, its easy to get on and start working out! I'm recommended for children 3 and up with help of an adult.
So get on up - and start wobbling! (3).gif


I wobble you

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