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A collection of one-off interactive art installations inspired by "The Tomy Waterful" made in 1976

Taking three years of prototypes, trials, failures and plans in order to complete both visually and mechanically,Waterful was inspired by Liya's favorite childhood toy. Liya chose to use the Waterful series as an avenue for storytelling and each piece expresses her playfulness and (slight) obsession with toys. She experiments with a diverse array of materials to create each Waterful. The objects in each Waterful are 3D printed, hand-painted and undergo a special coating process to ensure  that they will not disintegrate in water. Each object that is placed in the water container is printed and tested tirelessly so that it has the precise weight for it to float properly in the installation. Each Waterful's production has a unique process according to its theme and the pieces necessary to make its story come to life. All Waterful pieces are made by Liya in Tel Aviv.

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