Emotional Barriers

Emotional barriers are defined as mental walls that keep people from openly communicating their thoughts and feelings to others. This work explores an abstract term with a physical manifestation of an emotional barrier. It exposes the events, emotions and experiences that took part in its creation with a childish imagination.  Using imagery that represents the perspective of a child, the work reminds us what existed within us before these barriers were created and suggests that we can slowly dissolve the meaning we attached to various experiences.

Medium: Dry-Erase pens on Plastic Play Blocks

Emotional Barriers 152 cm X 62 cm X 10 cm 

Emotional Barriers 252 cm X 62 cm X 10 cm 

Emotional Barriers 330 cm X 78 cm X 10 cm

Emotional Barriers 430 cm X 78 cm X 10 cm


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